The Hand Painted Difference

I know I’ve been pimping Allure recently, but having the honor of seeing the designer’s process has really opened my eyes to just how much work and talent go into each lovingly crafted piece. Now, I spend a lot of L$ on fashion – like most of you – and I’ve seen the whole range from sloppy to spectacular selling like mad. Anyone can take a template and slap a texture on it – good designers can create a good piece with their materials and skills…

Great designers can take that same semi-exclusive template and transform it into something uniquely theirs and uniquely gorgeous.

For example, this upcoming sports top from Allure – and the jeans available in store now – started off with humble beginnings but as you can see became far more than a texture on a template. In this case, it’s handcrafting –  hand painted textures in particular – that really make it something special. Close up under high graphics  (and yes, untouched in editing), it doesn’t lose its integrity, you can trace the seams and almost feel softness under your fingertips. Gorgeous. I can’t wait to see this top out for even more styles to play with!


– Tabby