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Look of the Day #22: Black & Wild


Sometimes you see a dress on someone else and then immediately flail and ask where they got the amazing dress… and promptly get told to fuck off. Such starts the story of how I found this new release from nani Soulstar (NS). Ironically, I had been intending to check out their store since being so…

Look of the Day #19: Garden Party


I kind of love everything about this look, courtesy of June FAMEshed, Fit For a Princess, and delightful group gifts with some odds and ends from my inventory. Absolutely lovely and fun and just… yeah. I can’t say anything more about this other than I feel like I should be surrounded by butterflies and spring…

Look of the Day #4


So today’s look was all about NEW for me, to celebrate moving on in some of my business ventures. As always, this month’s C88 has netted me some great deals that look absolutely fabulous – including these separates from Fishy Strawberry. I bought the blouse as a fatpack because a sexy low cut silk shirt…