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Look of the Day #18: A Little Sun


First off, I want to apologize for my absence – RL took a bit of a hairy turn that has left me tapped emotionally and creatively as well as lacking in time. Slowly, things are starting to normalize again, so with a bit of prodding from my dear webmaster and readership – I’ve got a…

Look of the Day #14: Little Black Dress


We’ve all got at least one lurking in our inventor.y.. of course, I mean the LBD. For me, nothing cures the “RL is kicking my ass” blues like slipping into a classic sexy look – hence, the Little Black Dress. This particular goodie is from the fabulous Ivey Deschanel at Sn@tch – which just so happens…

Look of the Day #12: Party Dress


Who doesn’t love a party dress? And with this super cute pink dress from Cynful it’s super easy to love… even better yet for 5L you get this one and a pink leopard print version of the same dress until the Pink Fusion ends on May 31st. Accessorized with new shoe awesomeness from ZOZ and…



Today’s fun look is all about the Sn@tch! When I got the notice about Sn@tch’s awesome moving sale I couldn’t help but run down and drop… well… entirely *too* many L$ – especially on the mesh. 135L for a full color pack is a steal. Word from the wise though: DEMO EVERYTHING. For Ivey’s designs…

Look of the Day #1


My first daytime look comes courtesy of my hosting duties at Wilde Girlz for the Winter Attire themed event… and this amazingly textured jacket from Allure. Love it. Love all of it.