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Be Brave = Be Different

completely different

I think everyone should take note of Project EveryBody¬†– celebrating body diversity in Second Life where we can literally be anything we want to be. In SL we lose the constraints of our physical bodies, the shapes we were born with can be thrown off in favor of whatever our imagination (and platform constraints) can…

Look of the Day #9: Not That Innocent


To blatantly steal a title that popped into my head as I pulled this basic look together… what can I say, I’m Britney BITCH! Okay, maybe not so Britney… this one is all me. Blame the boots. They started it. As usual. I was minding my own business when I happened to have a very…

Look of the Day #6


A bad day in the middle of a bad week, made just a little bit better by the time I get with someone who makes me feel like a genuine Princess. At least when I’m feeling rundown, sad, and stressed out I can still look fabulous in second life. New eyes! I know, the old…

Look of the Night #3


Feeling like a BAD girl tonight, head to toe leather with my personal brand of sweetness. A mix of gifties and choice wardrobe staples like the amazing Bax Regency boots that I’m sure you already have – if not, get with the program! – and a few of my favorite things makes this look affordable…

Look of the Day #1


My first daytime look comes courtesy of my hosting duties at Wilde Girlz for the Winter Attire themed event… and this amazingly textured jacket from Allure. Love it. Love all of it.