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Look of the Day #18: A Little Sun


First off, I want to apologize for my absence – RL took a bit of a hairy turn that has left me tapped emotionally and creatively as well as lacking in time. Slowly, things are starting to normalize again, so with a bit of prodding from my dear webmaster and readership – I’ve got a…

Look of the Day #15: Lady in Red


Sometimes you just want to wear something a little bold… I’ve been digging the sort of punky prom look lately, and I think this particular red-heavy outfit fits the bill. Particularly of note are a rather pleasant surprise in these new Slink heels by Duck Nipple – you can’t beat the look for their small…



Today’s fun look is all about the Sn@tch! When I got the notice about Sn@tch’s awesome moving sale I couldn’t help but run down and drop… well… entirely *too* many L$ – especially on the mesh. 135L for a full color pack is a steal. Word from the wise though: DEMO EVERYTHING. For Ivey’s designs…