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Look of the Day #13: Dark Princess


Sometimes, okay frequently, I just want to wear something sexy… not for any reason – just to feel sexy. This one wasn’t even for work! On the whole, like with most Blacklace products, I’m quite happy with this lingerie set and the shoes look better in world I think – though no matter what I…

Look of the Day #7


I didn’t intend to make a LOTD post today. In fact, I had planned to spend the day sorting inventory, hitting sales, and getting other assorted things done. But, after hitting up the sale at Rebel Hope – where I picked up this amazing dress at 25% off btw – I dug into my inventory…

Look of the Day #5


You ever just put something on and… yeah… unf. That’s this dress for me. I was gifted the high heels and then picked out a dress to go with them and when I’m looking for a sexy, excellently textured formal only one place comes to mind – Rebel Hope. Still not sure if I love…