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Men’s Monday #5 – Leather Fun!

Men's Monday 7-28-14

At first I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to blog about this week, but then it hit me.  I wanted to find a really good pair of leather pants that looked great on my av and that is exactly what I found in the pair from L&B.  They are very detailed and just look…

Men’s Monday #3 – Skulls!

Men's Monday 6-30-14

What else can I say, but SKULLS!  Skulls are awesome and when done right in clothing like in this jacket by Deadpool they are just fun to wear too!  Everyone should have at least one piece of clothing in their SL wardrobe with skulls of some kind on it.  The DJ tank I’m wearing under…

Men’s Monday by Borg

Men's Monday 6-3-14

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many Men’s Monday posts here on my Tabby’s blog. We are planning on putting up one of these every other Monday, so if these interest you make sure to check back then! As the title suggests these posts will be dedicated to men’s clothing in Second Life…