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Look of the Day #24: Classic Glam


So, I finally made it through Hair Fair 2014 which is a semi-charity event where each vendor donates a minimum of 15% to the Wigs for Kids charity – most donated more than minimum. I bought hair. Not nearly as much hair as I had expected I might, but still a decent amount; and of course…

Freebie Friday #3: Boho Princess


Once again, illness has kept this girl down far too long. But now, I’m back in action and in possession of a new Freebie Friday post! This post is brought to you by the Summer of Love Fair which is sadly ending today (always a day late) including gifts from Essenz and NS. Adding to the…

Blogging Challenge: Photobomb!


See also: Not Just For Humans! See also: KittyCatS are jerks too! Meme Instructions: Go out exploring the grid and find someone to photobomb, or share a picture or anecdote of a time that you were photobombed in Second Life. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your…