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Look of the Day #8: Simplicity


As one may gather from my entries, I’m a fan of simplicity in my styles – I don’t like to over-accessorize as I feel it detracts from the complexity inherent in each piece as a part without adding terribly much to the whole picture. For me, this look is the perfect example: coldlogic’s flawless texturing…

Look of the Day #4


So today’s look was all about NEW for me, to celebrate moving on in some of my business ventures. As always, this month’s C88 has netted me some great deals that look absolutely fabulous – including these separates from Fishy Strawberry. I bought the blouse as a fatpack because a sexy low cut silk shirt…

Look of the Night #4


Usually my nighttime looks are set into motion by whether or not I’m working that night, and what (if any) their theme is – and that was certainly the case with this Look. The event was Latex, and while I love the look of latex, finding something high quality (mesh) as well as stripper-friendly is…

Look of the Day 3


Something simple and sweet, this was actually my look a couple days ago, but it’s been a busy week! Will post my cute party night look later.

Look of the Night #3


Feeling like a BAD girl tonight, head to toe leather with my personal brand of sweetness. A mix of gifties and choice wardrobe staples like the amazing Bax Regency boots that I’m sure you already have – if not, get with the program! – and a few of my favorite things makes this look affordable…



Today’s fun look is all about the Sn@tch! When I got the notice about Sn@tch’s awesome moving sale I couldn’t help but run down and drop… well… entirely *too* many L$ – especially on the mesh. 135L for a full color pack is a steal. Word from the wise though: DEMO EVERYTHING. For Ivey’s designs…

Look of the Night #1


Starting off the fashion portion with my first Look of the Night, or things I wear either just to look sexy or to dance at one of the clubs I work for. This is one of the latter, for the Domestic Help event at Wilde Girlz. I saw this uniform by [Provocation] on the Marketplace…