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Look of the Day #25: Alias – Princess


Okay, so I put this dress on with this hair and the first thing that immediately sprung to mind is that it looks exactly like something Sydney Bristow would wear (you know, from Alias) – now all I need is my sexy journalist (thank you Bradley Cooper for existing) and my life’s complete. Credits Worn:…

Look of the Day #7


I didn’t intend to make a LOTD post today. In fact, I had planned to spend the day sorting inventory, hitting sales, and getting other assorted things done. But, after hitting up the sale at Rebel Hope – where I picked up this amazing dress at 25% off btw – I dug into my inventory…

Look of the Night #4


Usually my nighttime looks are set into motion by whether or not I’m working that night, and what (if any) their theme is – and that was certainly the case with this Look. The event was Latex, and while I love the look of latex, finding something high quality (mesh) as well as stripper-friendly is…

Reflections On Winter


So I’ve been far too busy for a proper LOTD, but I did pull together my favorite simple outfit – an amazingly textured coat (and I do mean amazing) and sexy hot boots. The results, I’m sure you’ll find, were rather nice if I do say so myself. I liked this picture so much I…

Look of the Night #3


Feeling like a BAD girl tonight, head to toe leather with my personal brand of sweetness. A mix of gifties and choice wardrobe staples like the amazing Bax Regency boots that I’m sure you already have – if not, get with the program! – and a few of my favorite things makes this look affordable…

Look of the Day #1


My first daytime look comes courtesy of my hosting duties at Wilde Girlz for the Winter Attire themed event… and this amazingly textured jacket from Allure. Love it. Love all of it.