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Look of the Day #25: Alias – Princess


Okay, so I put this dress on with this hair and the first thing that immediately sprung to mind is that it looks exactly like something Sydney Bristow would wear (you know, from Alias) – now all I need is my sexy journalist (thank you Bradley Cooper for existing) and my life’s complete. Credits Worn:…

Look of the Day #11: It’s a Jeans Day


It was a jeans day, or rather a “Demo AlterEgo’s new tank top and decide you must wear it at all times” day. I put on the demo for this tank, and then bought two packs so fast I forgot to ¬†use the small mountain of store credit I’m racking up there. When I’m not…

Hot Pants


Not a true look for this post, just something sexy I had to share. So, I was hitting up the new releases (and generous gift card sale) at Allure this morning with one of my favorite people and happened to get a smile from the designer, Athayus Quan, who I’ve had the pleasure of speaking…