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Freebie Friday #4: Allure of Summer


Now, I’ve been pretty vocal about my love of Allure’s styles and I just can’t help bringing out more of their (many) VIP gifts to show off! Both the dress and these fantastic shoes fit for the Slink High foot are free VIP gifts out at Allure which boasts at this moment well over a dozen…

Look of the Day #18: A Little Sun


First off, I want to apologize for my absence – RL took a bit of a hairy turn that has left me tapped emotionally and creatively as well as lacking in time. Slowly, things are starting to normalize again, so with a bit of prodding from my dear webmaster and readership – I’ve got a…

Look of the Day #16: Beach Beauty


I don’t often take pictures on location – I have less control over what gets shot, it takes longer and ultimately ends up with a very frustrated Tabby… but as soon as I put on this swimsuit I knew that I just had to go find somewhere to set up right, and I’m so glad I did!…

The Hand Painted Difference


I know I’ve been pimping Allure recently, but having the honor of seeing the designer’s process has really opened my eyes to just how much work and talent go into each lovingly crafted piece. Now, I spend a lot of L$ on fashion – like most of you – and I’ve seen the whole range…

Hot Pants


Not a true look for this post, just something sexy I had to share. So, I was hitting up the new releases (and generous gift card sale) at Allure this morning with one of my favorite people and happened to get a smile from the designer, Athayus Quan, who I’ve had the pleasure of speaking…

Look of the Day #1


My first daytime look comes courtesy of my hosting duties at Wilde Girlz for the Winter Attire themed event… and this amazingly textured jacket from Allure. Love it. Love all of it.