A little fine print if you will. Promise it won’t be too bad.

I blog anything that takes my interest; new releases, old releases, freebies, exclusives, custom items, VIP gifts… this means:

  • Some things I blog may no longer be available.
  • Some things may not YET be available.
  • Some things may NEVER be available.

That said, I will do my best to help you find something if I can! Just comment on the post or send me an IM in world (tabithawest Resident) and I’ll get right back to you.

Style is subjective! My way is not the RIGHT way, and neither is yours. I take pictures of things I like to wear. Some of my favorites “styles” are:

  • Sexy (lingerie, cocktail dresses, etc)
  • Casual (good ole jeans and t-shirts)
  • Formal (love a pretty gown)

Not that everything will fall into those very broad categories. Sometimes I’m feeling goth or super girlie or not even human! If it takes my interest, it takes my interest.

Which leads me to my final thoughts, REVIEW COPIES/DESIGNER PROVIDED/BLOGGER COPIES/ETC. I won’t say “no”, but keep in mind if I don’t like it or it doesn’t suit my style I would rather not blog it than make a negative remark when I do. I’m still learning this whole blogging thing and have room to improve, but I know what I like and if you’re open to giving me a shot – I’m more than open to giving you one. Some things I probably won’t blog:

  • System Layer Clothing (except lingerie)
  • Flexi. Sculpties. Outdated materials.
  • Anything I have to enter RGB codes to wear (Seriously. I mean it. I really suck at skin matching. Thank goodness for appliers!)
  • Shapes (I use my own always, I’m kind of attached.)
  • Skins (I’m extremely picky and always on the pale side.)
  • Men’s Wear (Though I’m open to photographing my guy friends, message me if you’d like to see boys on mah blog.)
  • Decor/Landscaping/etc. (I’m just no good at photographing it.)
  • RP/Fantasy styles (I won’t say NEVER, but it’s a rarity to catch me cosplaying it up.)
  • Couture/Runway Fashion/High Fashion (I excel in things I’d actually wear out and about… not so much the gorgeous show pieces.)

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