Look of the Day #8: Simplicity

As one may gather from my entries, I’m a fan of simplicity in my styles – I don’t like to over-accessorize as I feel it detracts from the complexity inherent in each piece as a part without adding terribly much to the whole picture. For me, this look is the perfect example: coldlogic’s flawless texturing and cut are meant to stand out and be enhanced by the rest of my fashion choices.

So yes, a simple look for today. Also, I’ve been meaning to start crediting the poses used in my posts – pose makers work hard and deserve recognition too! So, if you see me slip kindly remind me that I’m not giving credit where it is certainly due.

Also, shadows are fiendish things – and I hadn’t realized until posting just how clear it is I have much to learn with tinting Slink feet to compensate for it. My apologies for my continued lack of personal perfection. 😉


– Tabby

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