Look of the Day #7

I didn’t intend to make a LOTD post today. In fact, I had planned to spend the day sorting inventory, hitting sales, and getting other assorted things done. But, after hitting up the sale at Rebel Hope – where I picked up this amazing dress at 25% off btw – I dug into my inventory to sort and something magical happened.

Boots. Specifically this pair of Bax Regency boots I happened to be gifted a few days ago. I put them on and fiendish things went to work in my mind… things that said they would look fantastic with Rebel Hope’s amazing  texturing work. Things that screamed… SEXY.

Add that with my “new” face that I’ve been working on making somewhat less severe, and a gorgeous “not my usual” hair that was also a gift and I almost feel like a whole new girl. I can dig it.


– Tabby

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