Look of the Day #6

A bad day in the middle of a bad week, made just a little bit better by the time I get with someone who makes me feel like a genuine Princess. At least when I’m feeling rundown, sad, and stressed out I can still look fabulous in second life.

New eyes! I know, the old ones were nice, but I needed a change and I’ve grown rather fond of this skin… so eyes it is. Probably working on my shape a bit this weekend if I can muster the time and energy. I know this dress is old news, but it’s still fabulous – and having an occasion to wear it was even nicer. I continue to be absolutely in love with the rich texturing of everything by Maitreya – there are honestly few I can even compare to that always look so flawless.And more .ploom hair, which is also quite lovely – and one of my favorite pinks hands down!

Don’t mind that editing fail… *smacks self for not double checking before uploading*