Hot Pants

Not a true look for this post, just something sexy I had to share.

So, I was hitting up the new releases (and generous gift card sale) at Allure this morning with one of my favorite people and happened to get a smile from the designer, Athayus Quan, who I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to a few times before. As always when talking to exceptionally talented people, I found myself a bit starstruck – but, he was as nice and forthcoming as always, giving me a few peeks at the goodies to come as well as a VERY generous sneak peek of this upcoming VIP gift! I have to say, I’m impressed – like most of his designs (which he very generously supplies one color of free for his VIP group members) the “demo” is more than enough to make me want it in every color.

So, this one is for you Ath, and your hot cargo pants.