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Got Busy with the Apocalypse

Sorry for the lack of a Wednesday post this week… Telltale’s The Walking Dead season 2 episode 4 released on Tuesday and that kinda happened. I’m sort of addicted. Thank you goes to [soap] co. for supporting this addiction with this absolutely perfect Clementine dress and hat!

Look of the Day #18: A Little Sun

First off, I want to apologize for my absence – RL took a bit of a hairy turn that has left me tapped emotionally and creatively as well as lacking in time. Slowly, things are starting to normalize again, so with a bit of prodding from my dear webmaster and readership – I’ve got a…

Announcement: Men’s Monday!

Starting tomorrow, and every first and third Monday thereafter unless my dear readers want more (or less, you know… whatever), my lovely Borg will be doing a post devoted exclusively to the Men out there. He’ll be blogging male fashion for the “regular guys” in SL with a focus on both quality and value. So,…