Advice Meme

Warning: Post contains unedited snapshots taken in Low-Graphics mode. You have been warned. Hah…

I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I mean to, mostly because I’ve been so busy I feel like I barely get time to myself these days. Which is honest sort of a good thing, I’ve been slowly letting people in and letting myself get close again… and while it has hurt a bit, and made my anxiety rather intense in the process, I think it’s for the better. I’ve also been bumped up to management at the club I work for; so now I’m not only exclusive but have been falling more into a homebody sort of self. As much as an escort can be a homebody, I guess.

Either way, leave it to Miss Strawberry and her lovely memes to get me thinking and wanting to write another post. And this one has nothing to do with fashion… though if you’re looking for anything on any of these photos let me know – I’ll help!

Meme Instructions: List 5 pieces of advice you would give to a newcomer that has just joined Second Life. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post or advice in the comments.

Fishin' Hole

1. Find a hobby… at least one… probably less than 10.
In my opinion, Second Life is about passions! One of my (many) hobbies is fishing, I find it just as relaxing and rewarding in SL as it could be in RL without sitting in a boat in a lake (which aren’t exactly very high right now in Arizona) at dawn.

Let's Fish Bish

2. Have fun!
Your avi is unique – it belongs to you and you alone… and the best part? You can be anything you want to be. I’m a stripper, a fisherwoman, a breeder of cats, a domme, a wanna-be fashionista, a lover of fine DJ’s, and the list goes on and on. You can be any species (including inanimate object) you wanna be – and wear whatever you want to wear (though, keep the Sim’s maturing rating in mind when you’re feeling rather naked). Yes, you can even fish in a cocktail dress and bunny ears. Because. Reasons.

Borg & Tabby

3. Make friends with people that you can’t resist knowing.
Sure, they come and go… and sometimes it’s hard to get attached to someone that in all reality can just log off and never come back. And yes, that will happen and it will break your heart – but you know what, it’s okay because in the long run, it really is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all in every kind of love. In your travels, you’ll meet a *ton* of people – some you’ll forget, and some you’ll wish  you could forget, but the ones that click with you, that you want to know, are a treasure that won’t be so soon forgotten. Side note: Thanks to my handsome kitty-fisher friend and TE King Borg for being a sport and letting me take pictures. <3

Ruddy Love
4. Get a pet… at least once.
It seems silly, prims with animal-like features (some very simple that require no food and simply hang out wherever you attach or rez them – some extremely advanced little creatures that often seem to have a better Second Life than you do… how cute, they think they’re people). But, I think for some they’re a right of passage or a phase and for others, like myself, they’re a just a part of the rich SL experience. My pet-drug of choice are KittyCatS, but there’s pretty much something for everyone! 
5. Find your own meaning.
Don’t let anyone tell you what Second Life is or isn’t. It’s what you make of it, what you want it to be. It’s an escape, a game, a lifestyle, a social network, an adventure… anything you want it to be. For me it’s a way to meet and interact people, a fun dressup game, a sexual outlet, a source of income, and a way to relax during my hectic RL. After over a year now in world, and I’m still a SL baby in terms of time in world, I still sometimes like to sit down like this and think about what it all means to me. It means something, the people I’ve connected with mean something, the feelings I have mean something… but it can be hard to quantify any of it.
Bonus tips, without pictures:
– Freebies, cheapies, group gifts and gachas are awesome.
– Don’t be afraid to ask – see someone wearing something you like or who has something in their profile you’re curious about? ASK. Most people are really nice, and the ones that are assholes about it don’t deserve to know you.
– Don’t be scared of hookers, we’re people too. No, seriously. We are. And we have great stories.
– Style is subjective, people will judge you – they can take their opinions and shove it straight up their butts. Me too. And you. We all do it.
– Always try the demo. If there isn’t a demo, it’s probably not worth buying.
– Know when to take a break. You’ve been in world for 13 hours solid and are 4 hours late for bed? Yeah… step away from the keyboard. Getting hooked is easier than people think.
– Be kind to strangers… which is a tip for the oldbies as much as the newbies. It’s good to be nice. Don’t be a dick.
– Read the blogs. If you’re into fashion? Blogs for that. Sex? Blogs for that. Pets? Blogs. Roleplay? Yup. People looking stupid? You get the hint…
– Blogs are not gospel. We’re just people sharing our opinions. We can even *gasp* be wrong.
– Be a narcissist. It’s cool, we know we’re cute. Have you loved your avi today?