Look of the Day #25: Alias – Princess


Okay, so I put this dress on with this hair and the first thing that immediately sprung to mind is that it looks exactly like something Sydney Bristow would wear (you know, from Alias) – now all I need is my sexy journalist (thank you Bradley Cooper for existing) and my life’s complete. Credits Worn:…

Men’s Monday #5 – Leather Fun!

Men's Monday 7-28-14

At first I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to blog about this week, but then it hit me.  I wanted to find a really good pair of leather pants that looked great on my av and that is exactly what I found in the pair from L&B.  They are very detailed and just look…

Freebie Friday #5: Cheap, but not CHEAP.


Sexy on a budget is always tough without crossing that line between sexy and classy and sexy and trashy. Sometimes I want to look trashy, I enjoy that certain sense of power that comes with looking “cheap” – but this look is all class. Blacklace’s newest group gift dropped today and I am, as usual,…

Got Busy with the Apocalypse


Sorry for the lack of a Wednesday post this week… Telltale’s The Walking Dead season 2 episode 4 released on Tuesday and that kinda happened. I’m sort of addicted. Thank you goes to [soap] co. for supporting this addiction with this absolutely perfect Clementine dress and hat!

Look of the Day #24: Classic Glam


So, I finally made it through Hair Fair 2014 which is a semi-charity event where each vendor donates a minimum of 15% to the Wigs for Kids charity – most donated more than minimum. I bought hair. Not nearly as much hair as I had expected I might, but still a decent amount; and of course…

Freebie Friday #4: Allure of Summer


Now, I’ve been pretty vocal about my love of Allure’s styles and I just can’t help bringing out more of their (many) VIP gifts to show off! Both the dress and these fantastic shoes fit for the Slink High foot are free VIP gifts out at Allure which boasts at this moment well over a dozen…

Look of the Day #22: Black & Wild


Sometimes you see a dress on someone else and then immediately flail and ask where they got the amazing dress… and promptly get told to fuck off. Such starts the story of how I found this new release from nani Soulstar (NS). Ironically, I had been intending to check out their store since being so…

Men’s Monday #4 – Something Formal with Tabby

Men's Monday 7-14-14

For this week’s Men’s Monday post I wanted to do something a bit different than normal.  As you read in my 2nd post I really like formal dancing, so I wanted to both show a different formal outfit and share with you a bit of my love of going out dancing with my lovely Tabby. …

Freebie Friday #3: Boho Princess


Once again, illness has kept this girl down far too long. But now, I’m back in action and in possession of a new Freebie Friday post! This post is brought to you by the Summer of Love Fair which is sadly ending today (always a day late) including gifts from Essenz and NS. Adding to the…

Men’s Monday #3 – Skulls!

Men's Monday 6-30-14

What else can I say, but SKULLS!  Skulls are awesome and when done right in clothing like in this jacket by Deadpool they are just fun to wear too!  Everyone should have at least one piece of clothing in their SL wardrobe with skulls of some kind on it.  The DJ tank I’m wearing under…